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Leaders in Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

  • What is the Cost?
    Each project is differen't, give us a call at 407-270-7790 and get a free quote! We want to work with you and your budget so contact us and get the best rates available in the industry.
  • Is there a minimum quantity?
    Our MOQ start at 5,000 units.
  • Can I tour the facilities?
    Yes. If you have expressed interest in having us mix, fill, or package a product for you, we would invite you in for a tour of our facilities.
  • Is there a manufacturing set up fee?
    There is a modest one time project initiation fee, but all fees will be clearly described in any quote we prepare.
  • What is your call back time?
    The best part about working with Profounda is that we are a small company with a big focus on Urgency. We know you want to hear from us right away- so we always return calls within 24 hours. If it's important to you- it's important to us.
  • Profounda's  questions for you:
    We will send you a list of questions prior to preparing a proposal including: What type of package? Tube, packet, bottle, jar, etc. Production quantity? Number of units per shipper? Fill quantity? Or size of bottle/packet? Do you have artwork? Would you like four color process or PMS color printing? Will Profounda be ordering raw material components for your project? If so, which ones? Does your product require testing? If so, which types of testing? If you would like a solution batch, what is the quantity?
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